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Agents with under 2 Years of Experience:
Did you know that there is a new way to do real estate out there that most agents don’t know about?

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If I could show you how to turn 10 LISTINGS into 40 DEALS, would you like to learn more?

Do the Math...  
If your Average $/Deal is $5000* then that equates to $200,000 in GCI.

Would it be worth $67/m to learn how to make $16,667/m?

(*Commission average for each sale in your office.  Every Office has an average.  It may be different for you) 

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about big marketing and branding budgets, getting a bunch of listings, door knocking, cold calling, being a social media superstar, and while that is important, I’m going to share three secrets with you today that’s going to revolutionize the way you look at your future in the real estate business. 

I’m Kelly Johnston and I am the Creator of the 4X Formula 
which has helped countless agents , just like you, thrive in the difficult world of residential Real Estate.
I’ve listened to all 50 episodes from season 01 and I’m going back to listen to them again. Much appreciated sir.

— Travis J. Taylor, Sutton Group Realty

Great Read! Thanks Kelly.

— Randy Dyck, Eximus Realty

What Kelly says is 100% spot on. It even inspired me to take my office from train wreck to totally awesome!

— Corinne Janzen, Staging Professional

3 Secret Advantages...

So what is this new way of real estate?

Well, here is the first difference. Its all about the Formula. 
You will notice its not called “Kelly  Johnston Real Estate Training”. 
Because its not about me. Its about you. 
It’s a Formula that  you simple activate, to create enormous success quickly.

Its a lot easier to create unstoppable leads and referrals, than you think. After you have discovered the secrets to get listings and get business fast so that you can get paid fast, you work on getting out of Survive and get to Thrive at the same time so that it happens a lot quicker.  

But why does it seem so hard for some agents and, fairly, easy for other agents. Well I spent a lot of time thinking about that.  So, I’m going to share with you the 4X Formula that goes against the traditional model. It will  reveal how you can finally have a real career in real estate as a professional earning multiple 6  digits and much more if you like. 

Real Quick: The core of the 4X Formula is built on this strategy...

Each Listing Represents 4  Deals. 

Knowing this – how does it change things for you? If you knew that you could list a total of 
10 properties in 1 year and do 40 Deals paying you an average 
of $5,000 per deal would that would be a fairly good business? 
That’s not even 1 listing per month yet you are doing 40 Deals per year earning on average in most markets over $200,000 per year!! 

And I know what you’re probably thinking: Some people are just more suited to being successful in Real Estate. That’s a lie. It’s a lie you are telling yourself and it’s a lie that others say. 
You - the real you….whatever personality type – or background – or educational level or income level can make it big in Real Estate. 

I was a poor farm kid who figured it out. I was bankrupt when I began my real estate career living in a basement suite newly married with one  car. 

I began with no plan. No direction. No training. No money. No advantages. 

It took me 17 years to figure it out and then create the Formula and then 5 years mastering it and creating the most game changing Real Estate course for agents with less experience. 

I have made a lot of money in the Real Estate business and I have helped a lot of other people make a  lot of money in the Real Estate business, but the most amazing thing that I know not many  people can brag about is this…

I have never missed a month getting a commission cheque in
over 17 years! Some months over 20 commission cheques but a minimum of 1 commission at  least and I went through 2008!! 

When the world literally stopped. Even during this CornaVirus Pandemic where restrictions are imposed on us, I am still racking up my months. 

This will change your life forever. 

So, the first secret is: 
There is a LOT less competition than you think!

There is 1 specific segment in every market, that makes the 4X Formula possible. I am going to  teach you what it is, and exactly where to find it.  The big idea here is you probably compete every day against hundreds, if not thousands, of  residential agents in your local market. 

But here is the truth. They are not your competition.  They are operating in a state of survival and they don’t even know it. Doing it wrong. 

That gives you an enormous advantage. 80% of them are doing the same thing that everyone else is doing and expecting a different result.  While they are focussing on the wrong things, you will learn how to drill down to the exact business you  want and go after it with laser like focus…others aren’t operating that way. 

I have a way to help you become a master in your market area and become a specialist, where the most amount of  sales are happening. 

An Eagle defines its prey, focusses on it and goes after it. A chicken just pecks at whatever it steps on or whatever scraps are thrown their way….

Do you want operate like an Eagle or a Chicken? 

A 4X Agent is an Eagle. 

The Second Secret is:
It is possible to get paid every single month in Real Estate!
 The 4X Formula brings Certainty to your Life because it’s a Recipe to
follow.   Simply learn the secrets, apply the steps, and know that you can succeed and start making commission fast, in almost any City in the United States or Canada. 

The main thing to understand here is that once you are armed with this knowledge you will never be in Survival Mode ever again. Even when hard hitting times happen in the world – like  Financial meltdowns – Virus Pandemics – Terrorist Attacks – or Changes in Government or Interest Rates or any of these things that are totally out of our control, you have the power of the 4X Formula to activate immediately. Nothing you do, when employing the 4X formula, is a waste of time. 

This means that you can always have comfort, and security, knowing that you have the power of the 4X Formula on your side. You will integrate this into everything you do and never have to worry Attracting business, or worry about having enough listings, or worry about getting a commission cheque once you know these secrets. 

The Third Secret:
I am about to SAVE you Thousands $$$
 is The 4X Formula will save you thousands and thousands of dollars! Most 4X  Agents are able to save a lot of money by cancelling their other lead generation and branding services because they get way more business without them.  Not to mention the mounting office FEES that rack up while you are NOT doing business!!  Time is Money!

Instead of spending a lot of money on branding, marketing, and image positioning, to attract a  lot of strangers into one time transactions, you can invest money and time and energy, working efficiently and creating raving fan referral sources, strategic alliances, and clients who are fiercely loyal...

who will send you new clients for FREE! 

You will even get referred Leads and Listings from people who haven’t even done business with you yet. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Its cool that this works for you Kelly, but I am not sure this would work for me. I totally understand. You are looking at all of those “supposedly successful” agents and comparing yourself to them. The trainers out there that are teaching Real Estate agents looks so amazing…like superhero type people.

Well… the tricky thing is that so much of the sales training in our Industry is wrong. They teach  you to be a closer. They teach you to be good at Sales.  However, the Best Salesperson doesn’t win anymore. 

I figured out how to position myself as a Trusted Advisor for clients and I also figured out the right words to say to not only sell them but make them feel really good in the process. 

So I created this Mentoring Program called the 4X Formula Commission Accelerator where  you learn to Attract and land clients fast, that could stay with you for years if not decades providing decades worth of predictable profit. 

So here is what I decided to do…
I am taking this $2000 course and making it absolutely ridiculous for you to say anything but Yes…

How does $67usd/month* sound. 
This is a no-brainer - right?

I want you to have this and I don’t want money to be your obstacle to becoming the Eagle you were meant to be.

If you click the link, you can register today.
I honestly don’t know how much longer we’ll keep this 4X Formula Commission Accelerator available at this “no-brainer price”

 Once it is filled up we have to increase prices for the next group.  

So click the link to get it today while it’s still available.
We’re always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for newer Real Estate Agents.  

Oh and by the way I am also including the 4X Agent VIP Client System Tools that will make you look like a Real Estate Rockstar in the eyes of your clients. 
This alone is worth over $400! 

Just hit the link below and get started today!

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Become a Member of the 
Quick Commission Accelerator
To ATTRACT Business! 

  • Develop your WHY 
  • Goal Setting for REAL ESTATE
  • ​Quick Commission Blueprint Training  
  • Mindset Mastery Training
  • ​The Art of Conversation
  • ​Define your Market
  • ​Getting FSBO Listings
  • ​Getting Expired Listings
  • ​Master of the Open House (4 part series)
  • ​Neighborhood Specialist (2 part series)
  • ​Preparation Habits
  • ​The Pre-Listing Interview
  • ​4 Ways to Win

Agents with under 2 Years Experience are perfect for this!!

Cancel Anytime, No Contract, No Obligation, No Risk...
All the lessons and tools to get you making money quickly and consistently. As we add more courses you will get those with no added cost. As long as you stay a member, we will never raise the price, even if others that came later are paying 3 to 5 times what you are paying. I will never raise the price. That is my promise and my guarantee!

It's like an Unfair Advantage against your competition!

Everything You Need

Clear away all other distractions and focus on this content and you will make a lot of money.  You know the feeling of urgency most agents get when you see an ad for the next latest and greatest tool or strategy? You can now be at peace knowing you have the REAL and COMPLETE strategy that WORKS! No need to buy any other training!

But Wait, That's Not All...

Free $400 Bonus: 
VIP Client System

I want all 4X Agents to be outperforming the other agents in their market, so when you join, you will also get access to my VIP clients systems which will streamline your contact points, systemetize your business, organize your leads, and "leave behinds" to make you look like a total Real Estate rockstar. It's worth over $400, but you'll get it free when you join. 

All In One Spot

You will have access to a world class private online members area that holds over 9 1/2 hours of step-by-step training content so you can access it virtually from home, work, or on the go. More lessons are being added all the time.  The experience is also customized for YOU so you can track your progress and become a highly profitable agent with ease. Do the lessons in your own time whenever it fits your schedule.  

Let's Do This Together

You will be invited into an exclusive private facebook group with other agents and your Real Estate Mentor -  Kelly Johnston  - where you can ask your questions, grow your network,  and accelerate your success.  You will even get an email from me once in a while inviting you to special Group Coaching Sessions!

Quick Commission Accelerator 
only $67/month*

What Would I Do?

I teach what I do.  I teach what I know.  This is not theory.  If I was dropped into a town where I knew nobody and no social media, no friends or family, or past history in jobs or schools or local activities - What would I do?  This is what I would do and I am teaching you all of the strategies, tactics, mindsets as well as put the tools together for you to take the "guess work" out of it.

Hunt Like an Eagle.

I will show you how to hunt like an Eagle to uncover the leads that are Buying right now and the Sellers who match with those leads. Take all the "guess work" out of your daily activities! How to take action every day to get results daily!

Earn Beyond your Sphere of Influence!

I will show you how to expand your influence to plant seeds for future business, while getting Listings and Buyers that are ready to buy and sell TODAY!! 
Where are they? Who are they? How do you find them?  Learn how to ATTRACT the business then learn how to WIN the Business in the ATTAIN section.  

Over $400 Member Bonus...

You not only will have full access to this $2000 ATTRACT course with 9.5 hours of training in 19 high quality jam packed videos of content BUT you will have access to the full suite of  24 VIP Client TOOLS to implement the strategies and also make you look like a Real Estate Rockstar to your clients!!!

Right Now You Have Two Choices

Option #1

Keep trying to grow your business the old way or implement on your own, and I wish you all the best!

Option #2

Or, take action and be one of the few agents who are positioned to take over your marketplace with a plan!
Cancel Anytime, No Contract, No Obligation, No Risk...
All the lessons and tools to get you making money quickly and consistently. As we add more courses you will get those with no added cost. As long as you stay a member, we will never raise the price, even if others that came later are paying 3 to 5 times what you are paying. I will never raise the price. That is my promise and my guarantee!
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