(without cold calling, pushy sales scripts or paying for leads)

Your mentor, Kelly Johnston, 24+ years in the real estate business, rated 5-star agent.
  • Teaching new agents to make upwards of $100k/year since 2011
  • Over 2000 transactions closed ($2 billion+ in houses sold) 
  • Sutton Group "Diamond Award"
  • eXp ICON  - Top 1% in Company

Price Changes to $1997

"After hundreds of soul-crushing cold calls,
stress-inducing door knocking and impossibly long hours, I'm still not getting regular leads or commissions. And I still feel like a rookie."

It's exhausting.  I get it.  I remember what it was like.

You've been a real estate agent for a few months now. 

Juggling new tasks. Pushing yourself to the limit. Trying different lead generation tactics to get people into your barely-built sales pipeline. 

You feel like you've been thrown into the wild after passing your licensing exam - left to figure out how to survive in an environment where 80% fail in their first 2 years. 

The worst part? 

No one's helping. 

Yes, you work in an agency. 

And yes, you've been promised training, mentorship and support...

... yet, you get nada. 

You know you need to put yourself out there. 
Get uncomfortable. Try everything. See what sticks.

It's a numbers game, right?

So you put your best foot forward and embrace the grind. 

Blasting text messages to your sphere of influence. Cold calling. Door knocking. Running open houses. Chasing expires. Calling FSBOs. 

But after many months, the traction is still abysmal.

You watch your savings dwindle, And you cringe at the bare thought of family members asking how the new career is going...

The things is, you feel you are moving in the right direction...

... except you're moving unbearably slow

Too many deals slipping through your fingers. Too many buyers ignoring your advice. Too many strangers hanging up on calls. 

It's all wearing you down. 

Is this what is takes to become a player in the industry? 

Is there a different way to become a successful REALTOR®?

Err... Newsflash! 

You CAN make $100K in your first year as a real estate agent - 
without using pushy sales tactics...

...and without being tied to your business 

You don't have to constantly live with the stress of worrying about where the next lead is coming from. 

It is possible to live a serene, anxiety-free life. And finally, have a taste of the lifestyle successful agents talk about. 


New real estate agents don't have to struggle (nor compromise their ethics)

There's enough business for everyone - if you know how to get it.
Stay with me and you'll learn exactly how to stop struggling and start thriving.

The 4X Formula Quick Commission Accelerator

A proven path to 4X your real estate business with minimal costs in a low-stress, highly sustainable way without the b.s scripts, cold-calling, door knocking or paying for leads. 

Follow the 4X Formula framework and you'll be ready to make $100K within the next twelve months - while running your business on your own terms. 

You could be a total stranger in town. 
No history. No family members. Zero connections. 

But within just a few months, you'll be the go-to neighborhood agent.

People will send business your way. Leads will flood in. And to top it all off, you'll have time for yourself and of course, your family - finally, you can get back to living. 

This field-proven step-by-step system:
  • Gets leads in your pipeline right away
  • Gets you listings with ease
  • Builds a predictable and scalable income
  • ​Helps you make more money than the real estate company you're currently working in


Once you've set this system up, life gets easier (and more enjoyable).
  • You'll take holidays without worrying that clients will go elsewhere 
  • You'll get regular commission cheques monthly 
  • You'll know what to do to make more money if you want to ramp it up
  • ​You'll have full control of your business
  • ​You'll depend on no one for leads, money, listings, or buyers. Your success is all your own 

You'll work with clients who love working with you and say:

"Kelly and Nicole are simply the best! They were so supportive and patient with us. Always available without being pushy, and super knowledgable about every aspect of the selling and buying process. They are very kind, thoughtful and respectful (so much so, that even the sellers noticed - and commented!) and were always ready with great advice whenever we had questions. We 100% recommend Kelly and Nicole - no regrets!!" - Kevin and Ruth 

It's time your real estate business made a 180-degree turn...

... with the 4X Formula Quick Commission Accelerator

The only online training for real estate agents with 0-2 years experience engineered to make you profitable from day one

... and to turn you into the go-to REALTOR® in your community

I want to get this out of the way. 

The 4X Formula Quick Commission Accelerator is not one of those programs with videos you watch... and forget.

It's a full business training program for serious real estate agents who want a road map to real estate agent success.  

It's an action-oriented program. Emphasis being... on action

You do the work - you win. 

You don't - you fail.

Simple as that. 

Taking action has never been easier. You'll get immediate access to: 
  • 24 videos, each with accompanying action plans detailing how to use the various strategies in the real world
  • 20+ real estate tools, guides and template to run your business
  • Support whenever you get stuck 


Yeah, sounds great...
... But how do I know this REALLY works?

Hi. I'm Kelly Johnston. 

I've worked in real estate since 1997. My business has survived economic downturns, terrorist attacks and the pandemic.

But I wasn't always the 6-figure real estate REALTOR® I am today. I clearly remember what it was like when I started: I was young. I was super busy. Frantic. All over the place. Unorganized. Desperate.

I did it all.

After reading many books, listening to other guru’s and paying for expensive Real Estate Training Seminars, I applied what I learned and experienced massive success!” At Least I thought I was successful doing what THEY taught me to do. 

I was that billboard real estate agent whose face followed you everywhere you went. People looked at me as "that successful big-time REALTOR®."

But I was still stressed and to be honest, even though everyone thought I was successful, I was not PROFITABLE. 

For 17 years, and I’m the first to admit this, I followed old-school sell-sell-sell techniques. And I worked myself into the ground.

It's only in the last 5 years that I finally cracked the code to my dream business. A business so lean it employs only 3 people (my lovely wife, Nicole, my mother-in-law, Donna and me). A business that makes multiple 6 figures every year.

All this, working less than 40 hours per week.

No cold calling. No paying for leads. Vacations 3x/year.

How did I turn it all around? I wish I could tell you it was an epiphany. Truth is, I'm not an overnight success story.

But you don't have to wait 17 years like I did. Just because it took me that long doesn't mean you can’t do it quicker.

I've spent the past three years reverse-engineering the steps I took to build this dream business — I’ve singled out the specific activities that built the business up and figured out the ones that are not worth your time.

And I’m not holding anything back from you. You’ll find them all in the 4X Formula Quick Commission Accelerator.
Proof I used to be that guy :-)

Act now and sprint your way to $100K a year.

With the 4X Formula Quick Commission Accelerator, you'll...

Stop chasing shiny objects

When you're not sure which strategies work best, you can’t possibly know where to direct your energy. With Quick Commission Accelerator, you’ll know exactly how to plan your days and how to fill up your sales pipeline, fast.

Leverage your business even with a small team

Sure. Building a business with a big team is one way to grow. But bigger profits come with a leaner team. Inside the 4X Formula Program, you'll find everything I did to downsize and trim down business bloat while making more money.

Build lasting business skills

You're not just a REALTOR®. You're a business person. You need business skills they don't teach in real estate licensing schools. Get your crash course on running a business when you join the Quick Commission Accelerator.

Attract clients with ease

Everyone tells you to generate leads — but doing it effectively is a fine art. The 4X Formula gives you step-by-step guidance on what to do to get leads on demand.
Kelly has tons of knowledge nuggets that have fast tracked my career light years; so if you're interested in immediately succeeding by leveling up your craft, look no further than Kelly Johnston!

— Neb Yidegiligne, The Eximus Team at eXp Realty

What Kelly says is 100% spot on. It even inspired me to take my office from train wreck to totally awesome!

— Corinne Janzen, Staging Professional

The Quick Commission Accelerator is based on everything I've learned in the past 24+ years

(and reveals the systems that currently power my six-figure real estate agency)

The moment you join, you'll get instant access to 4 modules with a total of 24 video lessons. 

Here's how you'll learn life-changing skills and gain invaluable knowledge: 



If you’re currently struggling, have no idea about how to get leads or are stressed about the bills you have to pay, the Quick Start Module lays down the only tasks to focus on immediately.


  • Discover how to “tweak your brain” to get rid of any limiting beliefs (so you can easily command yourself to be in the right frame of mind to apply the strategies and techniques in this program)
  • A foolproof step-by-step guide to getting listings when you're starting from zero
  • The 4 crucially important activities you have to do before you go out to generate leads (do these and you'll quickly and easily get leads in the next 30-60 days. I've never heard anyone teach this)
  • An "it's-so-easy-it's-almost-like-cheating" blueprint to start the wheels turning. (Do these 5 things in the next 30 days and you'll be doing more open houses, locking in more buyers and signing more listings than you ever thought possible)


Get ready to commit to success. Know who you need to be to multiply your business 4x faster with minimal cost in a low-stress and highly sustainable way. 


  • Discover the 4X Formula "secret" to turn every listing into 4 deals (This is how you make a minimum of $100K in just 12 months)
  • How to use a super-effective technique to goal setting that will ensure, without a doubt, that you reach your monetary goals this year (If you only watch this lesson, you'll zoom past all the other real estate agents in your area)
  • A powerful way to "certify your why" so you know how to fuel your motivations to reach your goals (and quickly get over any humps as you run your real estate business)


Show up to every meeting, sales call or open house as the pro that you are.

Never again step foot in the world of hype-y, sleazy or pushy selling. When you finish this module, you’ll effortlessly attract buyers and sellers using the 7 Stages of Contact and the Art of Conversation (sans slimy salesy scripts). You’ll win your clients’ trust quickly and effectively. And you’ll create raving “fans” who refer business to you again and again.


  • How to do away with pushy sales scripts and use the "FORM" method to easily start a conversation with prospects and clients and effortlessly create a climate of trust 
  • How to get a 75% chance of winning someone's business using an activity that other REALTORS® say is a waste of time
  • How to create continuous leads and buyers every single month (even when there are very few people in your current network)
  • The easy way to advertise your open house to ensure absolute success (+ an easy-to-reference cheat sheet of tasks you need to do every day of the week before the open house)
  • How to conduct solid research to find a profitable neighborhood to farm so you know where the quick business is and where to focus your efforts (works even if you don't know anyone in this market)
  • The exact steps to take to make the open house an event that buyers and sellers will look forward to attending (works for both live and virtual open houses)
  • The exact steps you need to take to sell expires and become the hero
  • How to master the 7 stages of contact during an open house to build trust & rapport (and stop the awkward conversations & scripts)
  • How to navigate the "I'm-not-interested-in-listing-with-an-agent" objection of FSBOs and knock down their walls of distrust (and get them to ask you to list their home!)
  • Develop the habits every real estate agent needs to master to work on your $100,000 income goal
  • The smart way to work with a mortgage broker or lender and make them part of your team
  • The play-by-play plan to becoming the neighborhood specialist in your hunting ground (and eliminate your competition)
  • An effective method for follow-up calls or emails so you build strong client relationships
  • How to build relevance, reputation and rapport as the neighborhood specialist (so that you’ll be the first port of call every time someone is looking to buy or sell property)
  • How to get in touch with your sphere of influence without them looking at you as a sleazy salesman


Once you’ve overcome the feast and famine stage, you’ll be on track to make $100K this year. In this module, you’ll build on these new skills so you solidify & grow your business without sacrificing customer relationships or your quality of life.


  • How to start trust-building conversations with prospects to increase your conversion rate (this is the best way to set yourself apart from other agents so that prospects happily choose to do business with you)
  • How to keep in contact with clients so they don’t look elsewhere when it's time to do business (so you don't have to feel that searing pain of business being snatched away from you)
  • How to use the "Now, Soon, Future, & Unicorns" buckets to (1) identify the best clients to spend a lot of time on and (2) instantly spot those who you shouldn't spend one minute more on
  • Simple ways to build confidence in yourself so that you have simple ways to keep your composure when something hits the fan
  • The super-effective way to have fiercely loyal clients who appreciate your value (so that any referrals through them are already pre-sold)
  • How to manage clients’ emotions and stay in the driver’s seat
  • The 3 major things that stop your prospects from turning into leads (not knowing the obstacles to their decision-making process will seriously lower your chances to win the business)
  • A six-figure real estate agent’s secret to running a meeting with a seller (do this to sign listing contracts easily)
  • How to ethically get both buyers and sellers on your side

And if that's not enough, I'm throwing in these bonuses, too

BONUS 1: 20+ can't-live-without templates and tools to run your business

Tame admin work that siphons off your time. 

Get more than 20 worksheets, trackers, and scripts so that you never have to 

worry about yet another document you have to build from scratch. 
  • A REALTOR® evaluation test
  • The SMARTER goal setting worksheet
  • A lead tracker
  • A business goal tracker
  • A target market worksheet
  • Client contact cards
  • Letters and phone scripts for expired listings
  • Letters and phone scripts for FSBOs
  • Mind triggers for your list of contacts
  • A pre-listing interview form
  • Open house checklist
  • Open house sign-in sheets
  • Tips for getting a house ready to sell (a FREE leave-behind document for clients)
  • Guide to the 7 stages of contact (how to create relationships with clients)
  • Scripts for inviting neighbors to an open house
  • A 12-month neighborhood farming plan (a tool)
  • A guide to getting known in the neighborhood (6 Layers of contact)
  • Valuable Ideas to find partners in your targeted neighborhood
  • A market activity record template
  • A buyer's agency agreement template
  • Schedule A creation guide (a tool that helps you win listings)
  • A client survey for after-sales
  • The Moving Guide Book: an 8-week plan for clients
  • A mortgage qualification guide to understanding how lenders qualify
  • The Quick Commission Blueprint Ebook: a step-by-step guide to determine the most active market in your area that produces the most sales

BONUS 2: Access to the exclusive 4X formula Facebook group

Join the community that will help you on your journey. 

Get support and coaching on your journey 
towards reaching $100K in the next 12 months

Join me and other promising real estate agents on the
same path as you. You’ll get full access to me in this group
(+ you’ll have first dibs on free live coaching).

Never worry again about where the next deal is 
coming from

Get the most effective business-building strategy 
for new real estate agents

Join the Quick Commission Accelerator now and
lock in this special introductory price

Only $297

One-time payment. Access to Lifetime Membership 
This "beta price" will be gone on May 1, 2022 and the next group of Members will be paying $1997

"Kelly is one of a very few REALTORS® who are willing to 'share his success secrets' of what actually works for a REALTOR® who either wants to start off their career on solid footing, or someone who wants to take their career up to the next level. Don't hesitate"
- Rob H. eXp Realty

Here's what I know for sure...

The 4X Formula Quick Commission Accelerator is the perfect fit for you if

  • you want to stop relying on someone else or something else to bring you leads.  
  • want to have a step-by-step system that allows you to have a life outside the business
  • want to stop chasing leads and become the most trusted real estate agent in your community
  • ​hate using pushy sales scripts to get leads, listings or the sales
  • ​want to have control over your business and your life
  • ​want to build real relationships with your clients
  • ​are eager to elevate the status of real estate agents in your community
  • ​are tired of how inconsistent your paycheck is
  • ​you don't to be a pushy sales person to make a great income in Real Estate


    Get instant access to the Quick Commission Accelerator while it is only $297.

Questions other savvy real estate agents ask before saying “yes” to the Quick Commission Accelerator

1. How is this course different from other real estate training courses online?

My goal is to get students to make a minimum of $100K in twelve months while steering them away from the stereotypical selling practices such as cold calls, 
 door knocking and paying for leads.

 Not a lot of courses have a goal like that.

2. I want to do this, but how much work do I have to do? 

The entire video course is 9.5 hours long.

I designed it so that you only have to watch 1-2 videos at a time. And that's how you should do it.

Watch a couple of videos. Then put the action steps to the test in the field.

When you’ve done that, you can ask me for help in the Facebook group if you’re stuck. If you’ve succeeded, you can continue to watch a couple more videos for the next steps.

Doing it this way stops the overwhelm and allows you to focus on building your skills and business.

3. I've read a lot of books, I’m active in several Facebook groups and I’ve done a lot of research into selling. How is this any different?

That's great! You're already miles ahead of other beginner real estate agents.

My goal here is to get you extremely focused during your first two years as a REALTOR®. This is a crucial part of your career. If you spend it figuring out which of the many strategies work, and test every single one of them, you'll be a burned-out wreck before you make any significant headway.

With the 4X Formula Program, you’ll know what to do each and every week to build a business that lasts.

Focus on these steps and you'll have the building blocks you need to make $100,000 in your first year as a REALTOR®.

4. Is $100K really feasible for a new REALTOR®? From where I’m standing now — not knowing where to get leads, listings or buyers — I really can’t see this as a possibility.

I understand where you’re coming from.

And to be honest, I feel that it's an absolute tragedy that many new REALTORS® feel this way. I truly believe that every real estate agent should make a MINIMUM of $100K per year.

No matter where you are right now, I know you can get to this number if you follow the process in the program. 

I've carefully mapped it in a way that even if you have a very little sphere of influence, you’ll still be able to generate leads quickly.

5. I don't feel I can do this. Are you sure this will work for me?


You've passed the real estate exams.

You've got 1-2 years of experience.

You've got most of the skills you need to become a top earner in your market.

In fact, if you've been working hard these past few months — calling cold leads, knocking on people's doors or waiting for your broker to give you some listings, then you'll love this content.

You’ll learn to talk to clients with humanity and respect. And before you know it, you’ll be getting leads, signing clients and closing deals.

6. I don't feel I can do this. Are you sure this will work for me?


I know many new real estate agents are already in the red or relying on savings to pay the bills.

There are expenses you’ll have to shell out on to market your business, but they’re the bare minimum

Let this be the year you get consistent monthly cheques from your real estate business

(& set yourself up for a six-figure year)

You already know the traditional way of selling real estate is a system stuck in the 80s.
Well, you can keep doing it the old way. Or you can join me. And jump the growing pains queue.
The sooner you act, the sooner you’ll fill your sales pipeline. And the sooner you’ll run a real estate business that puts money in your bank every single month.

All without
  • ​Cold-calling
  • Door knocking 
  • ​Building teams
  • ​Branding 
  • ​Buying leads
  • ​Social Media
None of that madness!

Take this important first step. 
You have absolutely nothing to lose.

only $297

    Lock in this price. Cancel anytime.
"This is a great read. Thanks Kelly!"
- Randy Dyck. Eximus Realty
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